Soup: It’s What For Dinner!

Saturday I experimented with a new recipe: Kale, Sausage and Chickpea Soup. The recipe can be found at Epicurious, so I won’t be writing it here.  Instead, you get my notes.

Kale is supposed to be one of the healthiest greens you can eat, which was a major reason to try the recipe.  Also?  With winter coming, a great new soup recipe is always welcome.

I changed the chorizo in the soup to a low-fat Turkey Smoked Sausage, which I’m hoping lowered the fat grams, but the milder sausage flavor made we wanting more.  Where the recipe calls for 1 cup of sausage, next time I’ll double it.  (besides I like a real a chunky soup).

To replace the heat of the chorizo, I added pepper flakes.  The sprinkles of red among the green kale was pretty  and it allowed us to choose our heat level.  Definately a keeper idea for me.

I didn’t like the flavor of the chickpeas, so next time I’d substitute white beans or black beans.

I used Swanson’s Chicken broth (one box) and thought the flavor of the soup’s broth was spot on.

So as the days get shorter and the weather cools, I’ll be looking for other yummy dishes to try.  Anyone got a recommendation?


2 responses to “Soup: It’s What For Dinner!

  1. Thanks for the notes on the soup! I love recipes like that, but it’s good to know not to go too mild on the sausage and that chickpeas don’t work all that well.

    And I am SO IMPRESSED about the pull ups! I’m still working towards doing one, dang it!

  2. nope (wink) and kind of yes.
    when I lived in Pa. and it got dark and cold (I miss that) I loved my crock pot.

    It sounds odd and oddLY 1950s but I adored having everything DONE at the end of the day and it was so easy to make healthy stuff!

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