Broadly Speaking

This one is for all the women in the gym.

Yesterday, about 2/3rds of the way through my workout – after doing presses and flies and dips and generally torturing my upper body – I took an opportunity to step back up to the bar and do some more chin-ups.

Another 4.5, which considering what I’d done in my workout did not disappoint me.  Well, disappointed just a little, because I really wanted to do that fifth one.

I watched in the mirror as I was doing them:

ALL they guys nearby stopped and stared.  Most of the women paused in their sets and watched with quiet broad grins on their faces. Afterward, a couple of the men encouraged me to keep on.  The woman across the weight stack from me kept her smile going through the rest of her set.

Today, interspersed throughout my workout, I’d drop and do 10 pushups.  I can’t do more at one time and I can’t do multiple sets real close, but I can do 10 pushups  three times intersperse in an hour workout.

One set, the guys (I’m judging them to be from 30s to mid 50s) whispered that I made them look easy.  The women nearby all looked, smiled and kept on working.

That’s one reason I’ll keep doing these things: for those women and their quiet smiles.


5 responses to “Broadly Speaking

  1. Wow. I have to admit that I too smiled through your blog! I would have loved to see the looks on everyone’s faces! And, I also must admit, I can just imagine the guys’ reactions mostly.

    It’s women like you who inspire women like me! Thank you.


  2. Teresa,

    (blushes)… ah shucks! thanks.

  3. I know that you know this already, but those women were smiling because YOU’RE AN INSPIRATION. When I see a woman who’s stronger than I am, I can identify with her and also appreciate all the hard work she’s put in.

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