I must deny the rumor that today’s HIIT was achieved by alternating walking on the treadmill and actually running. We all know that I don’t run.  Especially in 1 minute spurts at 6 MPH.


Not me.

Must have been my doppelganger.

Same doppelganger was later seen doing 7 chin-ups, then kickin her own butt during her strength training workout setting two personal bests.

Meanwhile, I did my normal, ordinary nothing-to-see-here-just-move-along workout.



2 responses to “Doppelganger

  1. you are just all kinds of inspirational these days, aren;t you!?


    Kelly Turner

  2. Kelly,

    I get on this kick about every 2-2.5 months where I decide to work on strength training. Push my boundaries all up and down the workout.

    Then I get tired or sore and decide that’s enough for the moment.

    Next week (or later this week), I’ll remember the importance of the endurance type of training and stick there for about 6 weeks.

    Then this strength bug will bite again…

    Or not.

    Isn’t that how it goes for everyone?

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