From personal to Personal?

Lately something interesting has been happening when I visit the gym.  Once during almost every visit, somebody mistakes me for a Personal Trainer.  They ask me for help with doing an exercise correctly (I tell them I’m not a trainer and try to find one to help them out); a guy today even insisted that I must have certifications and wanted to know what they were.  (hello?  I was once certified to teach English in the state of Ohio.   But now?  not so much).

I’ve been weighing back and forth the positives and negatives of doing this: actually getting certified and working as a fitness professional.  Will have a talk with a friend about it later today.

The positives:

  • There are lots of women coming to the gym in the 40s through 60s hoping for a trainer who understand the mid-life hormonal and body changes.  A 20-something, even a woman, just can’t understand that.  I think we really have to had lived through it to understand.  So I could help a group of people I care about.
  • The money, I understand, isn’t fabulous when you’re first starting out; but it would give me more freedom to do the things I love in my free time. Will I find a passion for crafting returning? And it’s better than no money at all.
  • I already have a pretty good start on the work wardrobe.

The negatives:

  • Bye-bye to a lot of personal free time.
  • I’ve heard that it’s harder to work out when you spend so much time in a gym already.
  • Having to study and learn all the stuff I’d need to know.

What have I overlooked?  What’s hiding in the blind spot I don’t even see?  Monday I’m talking “the guy” about this.  Should have a clearer picture of what I need to do to know if I want to do it then.


5 responses to “From personal to Personal?

  1. You covered it!

    For me it was hard making my stress reliever my JOB.

  2. That’s my biggest fear! I keep hearing that it’s hard to workout when you work all the time in a gym.

    And it’s harder if you’re working at your “home” gym.

  3. I’ve had a fitness trainer who did many of the workouts WITH me when it came to things she we could do together, like lunges. Her body was amazing! Between clients, I would sometimes see her use various machines. I think that way she just maintained her shape plus gave potential clients a silent advertisement of her great form as she was working out.

    This is exciting! Good luck!

  4. I think you should go for it Deb. There are always negative and positives to everything. And by your list the positive wins! I think you would inspire so many Women our age that in the end you will want to work out with them and you will receive the gratitude of all you help. Keep us posted I think you are on a great track.


  5. todays the day! cant wait to hear about the talk!

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