Dressing for the workout

I am finally acquiring some “real” workout gear.  First there was that fabulous Oiselle fitness bra, the one that feels like I’m not wearing anything, but I’m still supported.

Now is there a SkirtSport workout skirt. I ordered this one, and I honestly don’t rememeber why besides it was on sale.  Maybe also because it was the only black one available?  However, when I got it?  Heaven.  Workout bottoms that (once again) feel like not wearing anything.  I swear on a good day it’s like I’m walking around the gym perfectly supported and perfectly naked.  Without uncomfortable breezes or sticking to the vinyl cushions.

This skirt fits below the waist and (on me) is too short for me comfortably live around the town.  But in the gym, I’m finding it pure heaven.  It has a nice light built-in panty and most importantly, a pocket! I ordered this based on my wide waist measure to insure a proper fit.  Makes it fine.

Next time I’m looking for a workout skirt, I’ll probably take a gander at their Gym Girl skirt with built-in compression shorts.  We’ll see…

So what are you all wearing to workout these days?


4 responses to “Dressing for the workout

  1. I love my dirty red skirt.


    and I dont ever wear skirts in nonworkoutlife!

  2. When I started working out, I was wearing bike shorts (the longer ones, that stop just above the knee), sports bra, and usually a 2XL tshirt that covered my waist and hips – as a heavy woman, I don’t like things to cling to me and show my rolls. Now that I’m 25 lbs down, those shirts are way too big and I’ve been getting annoyed that they’re in my way when I move, especially doing floor exercises and arm work. I just recently swapped over to basketball shorts (not a fan because of the swishing – I do prefer bike shorts bc they dont move) and wearing one of those form-fitting Y-back sleeveless shirts. Far better – I can see my form better (as can my trainer) and he actually told me he prefers it. I’m a wee bit self-conscious in it at first, but that usually passes once I’ve started really working. I’ve also fallen in love with underarmor stuff (I was wearing the sleeveless top under my tshirts).

  3. mee, for me to work out in my jammies, I’d have to wear jammies!

    MizFit, Yeah, I love this skirt. I need one a big longer to feel comfy wearing it out in public. But this one in the gym is PERFECTION.

    Colleen, Like you, I switched from baggy t-shirts to a form fitting sleeveless shirt to be to see my form better. I usually wear one of those ribbed A-shirts they sell as men’s underwear. I think I have a collection of about 20 in black, gray, and white.

    I’m still subconscious of that little “muffin in middle” I’ve got, but I figure seeing it the mirrors is an incentive to work harder on it.

    Going to check out under armor now…

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