Personal Development, Not Quite A Book Review

I read a review of Steve Pavlina‘s book, Personal Development for Smart People, on the Life Coaches Blog. I think I’m waiting for my review copy (if I am?  It will be a delightful surprise one day at my door.  If I’m not?  I’ll have forgotten that I thought I requested a copy and likely get it somewhere.)  I love the explanation put forward by the Life Coaches.

Basically: no matter how or what we choose to as our path to personal development and change (such as when we decide to get fit and healthy), there are three major guiding principles that come into play: truth, love and power.

So when I made the decision 2 years ago to better my life by getting healthy, I came from a place of truth: I was 40+ pounds overweight, in pain, and unhappy.  I cared enough about myself to take action.  And I had the power (ability) to choose a path to get healthy.  In my case, I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer.  (yeah, I guess that some economic power also existed to let me do this).

Next comes combining these principles:

power+truth=authority.   As I learned more about my own diet and exercise regime, I took control of my health and fitness from my trainer and became an authority in myself.

power+love=courage. The willingness to move away from my trainer’s shadow and act on my own.


An awareness of all three principles leads ultimately to Intelligence.

As they explain:

Essentially, you get a bag of tools to diagnose your personal growth. Whether considering a new job, finding a special someone or seeking a new spiritual path, you can always ask yourself if the change will bring you closer to truth, love and power or move you further from it.

It’s like the difference between teaching someone a technique in a martial art, versus getting them to build up their physical strength, endurance and agility. A technique only does what it’s good for, but a strong body is able to learn even more techniques faster and perform them stronger. Steve is essentially giving you the tools to strengthen your personal development muscles in this book.

Looking forward to reading this.


One response to “Personal Development, Not Quite A Book Review

  1. i never understood how people could become life coaches. how you prove you are better at life than someone else.

    i dont get it.

    Kelly Turner

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