That Crunchy Sound/Feeling in my Shoulder CAN’T be good.

That crunchy sound/feeling in my shoulder CAN’T be good.

This is not the post I had thought I’d publish today.  In truth, I have 3 half-written posts waiting for me to complete them.  I was sure that one of the would be completed, not that I’d be writing something new.

But today I’m think about that crunchy sound.

Ya see, I don’t think of myself as stubborn, but part of me is also thinking:

If it doesn’t hurt, I can still exercise it.  Right?

I’m pretty sure that everyone is saying Wrong.

I’m also thinking that I may not listen to you anyway.  See?  Stubborn.

If I can’t exercise the shoulder, that means I can’t do anything upper body.  Since I didn’t do any specific thing to injure my shoulder, this is probably just a loose piece of garbage (read cartilage) that’s floating around the joint.  Or a little piece of something that’s torn a bit.  I can’t make it better; likely I can’t make it worse.

If I pay attention and stop any activity that does hurt, this is just something that I’ve got to wait through.  I’ve done this before with my other shoulder and both knees.  Resting or avoiding activity never made them better.  But making sure the muscles that support the joint are/remain strong always makes a difference.

So I’m thinking… and waiting to hear from y’all.

And deciding that my Thursday workout will be legs and balance just in case.


One response to “That Crunchy Sound/Feeling in my Shoulder CAN’T be good.

  1. Ouch! I think you should take of it Deb – you don’t want to injure yourself where you will not be able to work out at all. I hurt my wrist at bodypump on Monday and I have been feeling the pain all week. Keep us posted.


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