Concentrating on the nutrients instead of the food

Reading the Gubernatrix’s latest post on diet and the low-fat myth, I was struck by this line:

Dr Rosemary Stanton, points out  (about a new Australian diet) “It encourages this total preoccupation with protein or carbohydrates, with nutrients rather than food.”

In the last few months there have been numerous blogposts and discussions about how eating healthy will occasionally feel like eating disordered.  For me, I’ve come to realize that concentrating on the nutrient I’m consuming seems to be the “trigger” for this teeter-totter feeling of disordered eating.

Instead of concentrating on the simple food I choose: apple, walnut, broccoli – I spend attention and energy concentrating on the nutrients: carbs, fiber, fat, protein.  Is it the “right time” to be consuming carbs?  Should I balance the carb with some protein.. and if so, what?

I’ve started worrying less about the nutrient.  Trusting that if I’m eating simple food (food with one ingredient), as long as I make sure I eat enough veggies I’ll be fine over the long-run.  Long run being maybe a week.  If one day is a little higher in carbs, the next day will likely be heavier in protein.  What matters is that at the end of a week, I’ve generally maintained the ratios of nutrients that I aim for.

How about you?  Are you concentrating on the food or the nutrient?  And how’s it working for you?


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