“The Talk”…

First, I am so thankful that I got a chance to know Adam before I approached him to have this informational talk.  He admitted that what he had to say to me would totally different if I were just walking in off the street.

So what did he say?

#1. It is his opinion that I have the personality and skills to be a good trainer.

#2. No matter what I decide, I should get a national certification before I start to talk to anyone.  I’ve ordered the NASM Fundementals program.  I figure this should tell me if I’ve got the ability to learn and study to get through the whole training class.  And NASM seems to be one of the most accepted programs.  (also, unfortunately, one of the most expensive.  I wonder if this shitty economy will mean they have a sale around November or December?)

#3. Adam doesn’t want me working for him.  Turns out 24 Hour has changed their approach to trainers.  They used to be required to put in hours on the floor, working whether they had clients or not.  That’s when they sell their service, do their paperwork, meet and learn the clientele.  Now?  You only get paid for the hours that you are actively training someone. Yet you are still required to write several thousand dollars in contracts each month.  (on your own time?)

My gym is nearly fully staffed with trainers, all young and starting out. It’s almost the only gym in the area except for the Y.  And these young folks all head to the gym closest to home.  All earning part-time income.  He expects a churn-rate of trainers of about 50% or higher for the foreseeable future.  This past month 4 trainers earned full-time income (and the benefits that go with it).

#4.  If I still chose to use 24 Hour as my “cutting my teeth” experience, he suggest a gym in another county that has few trainers but lots of disposable income.  It would mean a 30-45 minute commute each way with a bridge toll.  But it would be easy to write contracts and easier to build a client base to get to full-time.

#5.  He’d rather see me work for another company.  Which means putting myself out there to strangers a lot more than feels comfortable to me most of the time.

So here’s where I’m at.  I will work through this foundations course to see if I have the discipline to study and learn something new and challenging.  I will examine how much of my thoughts on training were realistically attached to working in a familiar environment and how much is willing to risk change.  (ooo… change is such a dirty word).  And I will let this simmer quietly while I work through this.

I may even grab a friend or two and ask they would like to be my guinea pigs working out together.


4 responses to ““The Talk”…

  1. I think this sounds like a great idea – test the waters and yourself before overcommitting. My current trainer (due to similar circumstances of only getting paid for actual training hours) says he’ll be leaving soon to get real job, but keeping one or two of his clients that he really loves, and asked if I’d stay with him. Today is our 5 month anniversary (as trainer & client), and I’m sort of attached to him – his good humor and shouting helps when I really feel like I can’t do it anymore, and he puts up with my bitchface well. A shame it’s so hard to make a living at without a steady client base, especially in tough economic times.

  2. **realizing a comment in my comment about “leaving to get a real job” implies that training is not a real job, which was not at all what I meant. (Should have said job with steady, regular hours and pay). Excuse me while I remove foot from mouth

  3. Sounds like you have thought it through Deb – congrats to you. I think you will make a great trainer. Keep up posted.


  4. It sounds like he had a lot of good advice and information for you, so at least you have some things to think about. And you don’t have to make any decisions at all until you get your certification. I’m very interested to see how you like it and what you decide to do. :)

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