Hey all.  My computer turned into a brick overnight.  (isn’t that special!)

The guys at Geek Squad are shipping it to HP to get it fixed.  They warn me that it may be 2-3 weeks until I have my baby back.  In the meantime, I’m stuck using my spouse’s computer when he’s not home or not using it. 

(can I whine, please??, that he only has yucky IE 6 – no FireFox – which I detest.  Which looks ugly.  Which does not have all my pretty tabs along the top so I can switch from website to another quickly?  Which doesn’t have all my bookmarks and log ins and all that other shit I’ve come to rely on?)  And he doesn’t want me downloading FF? 

It took a good half hour to figure out how to log into this account.  So expect that posts may be few and far between.  And who knows how long until I log into my BlogLines account.  I will try to read all y’all’s blogs.. but if ya don’t hear from me a while, shoot me an email.  And while I’m spreading poop like it’s fairy dust, a talk with two trainer friends at the gym today has convinced me that:

  • my shoulder is probably cartiledge damage.
  • I shouldn’t put any load on the shoulder until it’s checked out.
  • There most likely will be an MRI
  • There probably will be some arthroscopic surgery.
  • Until then, it’s abs, lower back, legs, some stability and cardio only. 

I miss my chest press, push ups, and chin ups already! 

Find me on Twitter or Facebook.  Think of my miserable self limited by 2 of the main activities in my life!  I guess the house may finally get cleaned as long as it doesn’t involve any heavy lifting.  Keep your fingers crossed that my personal bad news doesn’t travel in threes…

One response to “A BIG FYI

  1. frick.

    off to faecbook.

    I never go there :)

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