The Good News!

It’s late on Friday night, but I’ve got my hands on the spouse’s laptop and I won’t be falling asleep for a while yet.  So I might as well write.

Visited my family doctor this week about my shoulder.  I thought something in the shoulder; he thought slightly bulgy disc.  We were both thinking a slight pinching somewhere that hit both the major nerves in my shoulder, and the treatment was the same:

  • Four shots of Dexamethason (a form of cortisone).  One a day for four days ideally in the morning.  The nurse got intimate with my high hip!  I felt not a thing.
  • An MRI of the shoulder.
  • A short course of pills of Dex. that will last about a week after the shots ended.

The MRI was yesterday morning; this morning was the last shot and a quick consult with the doc with the MRI results.  Turns out there is some extra fluid floating around in the joint (probably from strain… I’m betting it’s from pressing one or two more times when my tricep was going into failure.  Or maybe it was flinging that 40# bag of dog food around.  Whatever.  The fluid would fill gaps and press against the different nerves depending on how I held my arm. 

It “sensitized” the nerves making them even more “twitchy.”  So daily it became more uncomfortable to hold my arm in any position.  And last night my 2nd finger (yeah, THAT ONE) spent 2 hours twitching like I was keyboarding.  tappity, tappity, tap, tap, tap, tappity, tap.

The shots helped a bit in calming things down.  As the fluid is re-absorbed, things will get even better.  I’ve got to pay huge attention to my posture to make things easy.  Ergonomic is good (though I note that I’m working in the most ergonomic position at the moment.  Oh well… at least I’m here.

I am allowed to start adding load to the shoulder on Wednesday.  LIGHT WEIGHTS.  Press, Row, Bicep, Tricep.  Wait a while for full-on shoulder work.  Another week, and I can add assisted pull-ups and half-pushups.  Carefully increase and add work. 

I will be so frikkin’ happy when Wednesday rolls around.  And may I please say: getting older sucks. 

If my computer were to show up fixed the same day, I just might dance.


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