Takin the Positive Road

We talk a lot on the fitness blogs about the mental part of being fit and healthy.  Focusing our attention on the positive; being supportive.  For me, it’s often a conscious choice to put on a smile and make eye contact with people all day.  You can’t imagine what a boost in the butt this is for everyone.


Friday night I was not in that happy place.  Some things happened during the evening that left me feeling stressed and unhappy.  I actually twittered that I wanted to run away from home.  Like a kid.  Instead I waited until the spouser went to bed (9 pm), grabbed his computer and started some social networking.  I’d remembered a couple people I wanted to email about things.. one thing led to another.

I found a craft co-op in Oakland that is offering Saturday workshops on silk screening.  I have wanted to take such a class for AGES.  Literally.  AGES.  Without thinking beyond it, I signed up for the first class.  It’s a “here is how we use our equipment here” class.  There is no chance to make my own designs, just get the technique down.  Still.  Something I’ve wanted and the universe plopped it in my lap.

I found myself suddenly happy and feeling less stressed.

How many times do we see a glimpse like that: I’d like to do XYZ.. and the universe shines a tiny light on the way to choose?  How many times do we fight, because it’s not quite what we imagined?  We have the whole picture filled in with color, lights and music and when we get a glimpse of a skeleton plan not fully-fleshed, we dismiss it as “not what I had in mind.”?

I’m learning to jump at those skeletons.  To flesh them out the way I want them and to see what dance they do.  Take a few more risks.  Trust in the future.

Think positive.

Then I spend some time searching around the co-ops website and getting to know the organization a bit better.  On web, it looks like a place that I would enjoy hanging out a bit. Imagine a fun gym with all the equipment you love and people who want you to participate.  This co-op sounds like that kind of gym.   A place that I’d like to go visit and talk to folks about and maybe get involved.  Maybe hang a couple days a week like I do at the gym.

I found myself hopeful about the future.

And inspite of the fact that all of this so far exists just in the interwebs, I am choosing to be active and participatory.  But since I’m having friends over the day that the 2nd class would be held (where I actually get to make my own stuff.. including this neat skull design I’ve worked on?) I will also have to be patient.  But somewhere in the future, expect some killer skull t-shirts to start appearing on these pages.


One response to “Takin the Positive Road

  1. Oooh and here I was swinging by for some sugarskull’couragement and to see if, when you are ready, I can buy a tanktop!

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