Once I started reading about how to plan my own workouts, I was regularly reminded that I should keep to the same workout for a month for each body part.  It lets the body get used to the work, adapt, learn, get something out of it.  THEN you change the workout up a bit to challenge the muscles and keep things fresh.

Yeah.  Did anyone ever mention some ADD (let us say “bored doing the the same thing”) or the fact that I am Kelly’s classic Independant Exerciser. I always seem to be “mixing up” my workout every time in the gym.

BAD.  Especially bad when I’m limited to lower body work for a couple weeks.  NOT THAT BAD that I’m asking for additional injury or anything, but not very efficient.

So when this latest round of rest/injury forced me to watch what I do, I wrote 2 alternate lower body workouts and simply rotated from one to the other.  One workout focused on strength – lots of leg and ab machines.  The second focuses on stability: lots of body weight moves and balance.  So while the first would have me doing the squat sled, leg press, leg extension and leg curl, the second would have me doing squats/wall squats, lunges, step ups, etc.

There was enough difference from one workout to the next that I wasn’t getting bored, yet there was enough consistency that I could see where I was slacking and needed to step it up.

Monday, a strength day, I set a personal record on the leg press (185#) and tied the best for the squat sled (90#).  I might have gone up a plate on the sled, but I feared being able to push myself up without any help and I couldn’t find a willing spotter to help me push.  As my shoulder got screwed (I believe) because I pushed just beyond that point where I needed a spotter, I wasn’t going there with my legs too.

I do eventually learn my lessons.

Wednesday I am allowed to begin putting some load on the upper body again, but not really loading the shoulder too much.  So I’ll take my next workout (the stability) one and add moves:

Lunges will have light bicep curls at the bottom.  Lord watch me balance and stay firm through this.

Squats will join with a stretchy band or cable row or at the bottom. My glutes will be very happy!

Step ups, rather than doing my typical military press, will be combined with tricep kickbacks.  This is a completely new move for me.  Should be fun!

How to all of you deal with either being too consistent (same workout every time) or too scattered (do what I did the last time?  Boring!)?


3 responses to “Consistency

  1. I am glad you doing better Deb and I hope Wednesday goes well for you. I mix it up by doing different exercises every 2 weeks. I try and not do the same thing everyday (it is boring) and I try and focus on my goal and not so much on what I am actually doing at the time. It is tuff but I know in the end it will be well worth it.


  2. Ive got NOTHING.
    far too consistent.


    but thats where I am right now…and hope to follow YOUR INSPIRATIONAL LEAD.

  3. Gals, did ya read it? I need to know how to keep it consistent and not mix it up too much.

    And MizFit.. Ya can’t be following my lead, cause I’m followin you. Are we going in circles?

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