Working Out with Instability

Since I got the OK to begin adding load to my shoulders, I designed two workouts to use which I can alternate throughout the week.  One is simply a strength workout – nothing particularly interesting there, I think – that I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.  Only difference will be adding some sitting rows, bicep curls and tricep dips.  Starting this week, I’m doing the workout “unstable”.. much of it using one arm or one leg or one arm standing on one leg.

Fun times!

The second workout will be shorter and again emphasize stability/balance while combining moves to get upper and lower body in one move:

Lunges (10 forward/10 backward) where I pause at the bottom of the lunge and do a bicep curl with 8# dumb bells.  I am supposed to use light weights still for the upper body work.  Keeping my form and balance in the lunge while curling these light weights will make it an interesting move.

Squats with a cable row at the bottom.  Again, it’s that balancing at the bottom that is going to be the challenge in this.

Step-ups, then lean over and do tricep kickbacks.  I usually do a miliary press on this move, so the change in the direction and whole new move is going to make this interesting again.

Add some ab work, and I’ve got about a 45 minute workout here, I think.  With lots of balance challenges to distract me from the fact that I’m not in the gym doing the benchpresses, push ups and pull-ups that I was enjoying just a month ago.  (and will be doing again in a couple weeks.)

The shoulder is feeling much better now.  But I’ve got to remind myself that I am an older woman, and arthritis can flair up and cause some problems.  Having workouts like this one that I can pull out at those times is going to be nice.


2 responses to “Working Out with Instability

  1. glad the shoulder is better!!

    and youre a what? whats that adjective? it begins with an O but goes all blurry (wink) when I try to read it…you are a WHAT woman?!


  2. Thank you MizFit.. coming from somebody who was born when I was a teeneager.. it’s encouraging.

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