Oatin’ it up

I’ll admit that I’m a habitual eater.  I find something that seems to work for breakfast, lunch, or a snack and may stick with it forever.  Or until I find something that works better.  When I read about making steel-cut oatmeal overnight, I knew I’d found a technique – and a breakfast – I could stick with for long time.

When I get up in the morning, I am not going to spend 30 minutes slow-cooking a traditional oatmeal; however, it strikes me that quick cook oatmeal won’t stick with me as long.  The processing done to the grain to “make it” cook quickly would also make it digest quickly and maybe make it a higher glycemic food than the the slow cook varieties.

Directions on the Irish Oatmeal box suggested bringing the water to a boil, adding salt and oats, turning off the heat and letting the whole mess cook overnight.  Makes a batch of oatmeal that lasts me 4 days without having to think about cooking much in the morning.

I scoop about 2/3rds of a cup of cooked oatmeal in my bowl each morning and warm it in the microwave for about 2 minutes.  Sprinkle with ground flaxseed, then add about 1/3rd a cup of liquid egg whites.  Stir until the eggwhites cook.  (sometimes I have to return it to the microwave for about 30 seconds).  Then add some cinnamon, nutmeg and cardemom.  Maybe throw some berries in (yum), or have a piece of fruit on the side.

When summer heat strikes and I can’t stomach the thought of a hot breakfast (a rare occasion), I still get my oats – and prepare my breakfast overnight.  I will pick up a package of Bob’s Red Mill Muesli – a nice mix of grains, nuts and dried fruit.  In the evening, I put 1/4C of this dry mix in a bowl with a 1/2 cup of soymilk.  Stir and refrigerate overnight.  By the morning the grains have soaked up some of the liquid and become soft and delicious.  A cold delightful way to start the morning.

And a great habit served.


One response to “Oatin’ it up

  1. I love oatmeal – but I agree in the summer months I don’t tend to eat it as much. I have never heard of Bob’s but will give it a try.


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