Missing, but not missing, the Gym

Wow, I wrote this post yesterday.  It completely got lost somewhere.

I went to the gym last Wednesday and did a nice full-body strength workout.  Felt fabulous when I was done; felt fried when I got home.  Hadn’t made it to the gym since til this morning.  That’s five days.

I didn’t miss it.

I had the bag packed and ready to carry out.  I had my workout clothes ready -Friday I even put them on.  I had my workout planned and written on my workout sheet.  Each day, however, I thought about going and chose to do something else instead.

I didn’t miss it.

Normally when I take a 2 day rest, the evening of the second day I’m bouncing around the house looking for a little something to do.  Ten push ups can settle me down.  Add some stretchy band routines (rows or military press) and I’m golden until morning.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday?  Didn’t even think about it.

This morning at the gym, I think I cracked the reason.  (really important for me, because it’s strange to completely stop like that.)  I am weaning myself off a medication I’m taking; while the process is not that uncomfortable, I’m not feeling 100% myself.  Probably why my workout last week so competely kicked my butt.  Today I realized that as much as I PLANNED on doing a full-body strength workout, I just wasn’t physically in a place to do.

I cut back to 2 sets, lowered my weights to about 60% of max. and still found it challenging in a way.  NOT that the muscles were going to failure; more that my body was just getting tired.  I chose to listen to body instead of trying to muscle through.

So I’ll be heading in more often than I have lately (4-5 times a week instead of 3), breaking up the upper and lower body workouts, and working at a lower intensity.

Listening and adapting.

Being kind to myself.

I’m sure when the medical thing is over (soon, but never soon enough) I can begin to increase volume, adding more sets first and increasing the weight as I know I’m able to deal.  Feeling my way back to where I was.  Being mature about my health and fitness.

So what are your plans for your own fitness in the near future?  Fall and winter are coming, bringing with them colds and flu.  Will we remember to be kind to our bodies when these things challenge us?


One response to “Missing, but not missing, the Gym

  1. Be kind to yourself. I am challenging myself by training for a half marathon in March and I have to remember not to push myself to hard especially when I am not 100%. Nice post it reminds us that we all have limits.


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