Goals for the Week

It’s always easier for me to state my goals out loud and then check back to see if I’ve accomplished what I wanted.  Writing things down is the secret for me.

That said, here’s what I want/need to work on this week:

1. Sunday: balance/stability workout.  steady-rate cardio.

Monday: strength workout and hiit cardio.

Wednesday: workout with Adam.  He’s getting me comfortable with the bit robo-cable machine.  Stability and core work. hiit cardio.

Friday: Strength workout and steady rate cardio.  (Checking on end energy level after same workout with different cardios.)

2.  Face time with real-life people 3-4 times this week.  (so far meeting friends Monday evening, Tuesday lunch and Thursday lunch.  Now can I plan something for Saturday or Sunday?)

3. Study.  I’m working through NASM’s preliminary course before their Personal Training class.  This will be a great way to determine if I have what it takes to study and learn the stuff I’d need to know.  But I need to be disciplined about actually showing up and doing the work.  Seven hours this week.

4. Clean and organize my studio so I’m comfortable working in it.  Continue with current project and plan out next steps.  Ten hours or more there this week.

5. Be kind to myself.  Have you read Stephanie’s post on Self-Sabotage? Really spoke to me, and I need to pay attention to this:

So I said, “I can promise for now that I aspire to live my life that way. I want to be my best supporter not punisher. When the negativity and self sabatoging starts, I will now be conscious and ask myself, would I say or do any of these things to other people? It only makes sense that I would do for myself what I would do for others because I deserve as much kindness, patience, and compassion as I give to them.”

What are your plans for the week?


2 responses to “Goals for the Week

  1. have a great workout with adam.


  2. oh i need real life people day too.

    my boyfriend and I have vowed to lock ourselves in my apartment for the whole weekend and turn off our phones. We will see how that goes.

    Kelly Turner

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