Goals: week of 11/09/08

Monday I’m working with a friend, setting up a conference down in the south bay. Normally, I’d be staying for the unconference, but I’ve got to be home taking care of the dogs. Workout early Sunday before I start get to work on this gig.

Workouts: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. Emphasis on stability and balance.

Journal My Food: 3 days only. Tuesday-Thursday. Just to give me a snap shot of what I’ve eating on a regular basis. I’m guessing my carbs and fat may be a bit high.

Face Time: After leaving MV Monday, I have no firm plans for face-time. Need to fix this.

Study: Crank through at least one more chapter and review everything I’ve “learned’ so far.

Creativity: Sew, paint, embroider. DO something fiber-based 3-4 times in the week.

Writing: Blog 4 times at both blogs. Research links for at least 2 Blogher posts to be held for future use.

Friday I see a physician to figure out some med issues. I’m hoping the end result of this consultation will be a more alert me with my ability to concentrate and remember again. I look back on my writing from just a few months ago, and wonder: where did she go?


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