Is It As Simple As Smiling?

From my father, I’ve inherited a slightly “jowly” appearance. You know that bit of a sag at the edges of the lips and a slight downward droop along the jaw just outside the chin. When I was heavier, it was much more prominant, but still shows up much of the time.

About a week or so ago, though, I spent a week or so singing to myself. I love to sing.. and when I was in a choir class last year, the director mentioned that I’m a “smiler” when I sing. Yes, I smile, but I think it’s a bit more. I smile not just with cheek muscles, but also with the muscles that run on and just underneath the jawline.

The muscles in that jowly sag.

That week that I was singing I noticed that the jowliness seemed to less, then disappear. When I stopped stopped my merry melodies, the sag slowly returned. Yes, it was the singing that made those muscles tighten and my face “lift”.

But could an anti-aging appearance be as simple as smiling?

Let’s ALL give a try…


3 responses to “Is It As Simple As Smiling?

  1. Im in!!

    Im in!!

    and for chicago in july.

    I know youre going… yes??

  2. Have you laughing yoga…take a peek.

    Ive heard its beneficial for whatever is sagging.. :0


  3. I am up for anything that helps sagging!


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