Talking Myself Into Losing Again.

This week I had ‘THAT TALK” with myself.  The talk I’ve known was coming; the talk I’ve been fighting against all year.

You see, back in January when I hit my “target weight” I had worked long and hard to get there.  I had reached a point where the very words “weight loss” or “body fat composition” would make me stick my fingers in my ears, singing a loud and lusty “La-La-La-La!”

I had had it.

I would not journal another day.  I would not count calories.  I would not watch food or exercise intensity.  I was just going to continue as I had been and relax for a while.  BUT…

When i had the pinch tests done by faithful old trainer, Guido, they still showed a 30% body fat.  One time slipped down to 28%, but it didn’t stay there.  So I knew that although I’d reach a goal, I had not yet reached my final goal.  Which was to be at a healthy body composition for my age.  No matter what the weight was. Something more like 25%.

Still for most of this year I maintained my weight.  Up or down a pound, it would average at that goal number.  However, over the last few months I’ve been hurt or sore or busy or distracted and not working like I used to.  Several pounds showed up and did not recede.

My clothes still fit me the same, but I see that middle getting thicker. I never buy clothes to fit over my middle, so clothes fitting isn’t a good guide.  I have to take action now to nip this in the bud.

So I had the talk with myself.

Deb, I said, you worked hard and felt proud and knew that more work was coming.  It’s been almost a year.  I’ve been patient with your child-ish pouts at any hint that you had to consider changing something up.  But it’s time to put on your big-girl panties and get to work.

It won’t be so hard this time.  Last time you lost 40#.. and burned more fat than that.  This is just a tune-up.  Just a few weeks of eating more mindfully, of working more carefully.  This is just getting back to what you did so well just a year ago.

I’m doing it. Slowly.

I journalled food (I HATE that), and found that I eating the same calories that I burn on days when I work out lightly. (so what does this mean about the days I don’t work out?  Yeah.) This is part of the “information gathering” stage.  What am I doing now so I can know what to adjust.

I looked at my workouts for the past few weeks.  I worked almost as hard at weight training, but the cardio has slipped a bit.  And the total trips to the gym or hours spent moving has declined.  Another point in the info gathering stage.

Next step is to make a plan. Set a reasonable goal.  Give myself a great reward to work toward.  When that’s in place I get down to the work.  Sunday will not only be the beginning of another week; it’s the beginning of a new stage of work.


7 responses to “Talking Myself Into Losing Again.

  1. you know that Im of the same OK LETS BE A BIG GIRL mindset—which doesnt mean I dont stomp my feet some days and think CRAP IT IS EASY FOR YOU YOUNG FOLKS :)

  2. I have these exact talks with myself. I have been doing really well in the last month but since my surgery last week I have noticed I am falling back into my bad habits. I have to remind myself that even though I cannot work out as I regularly do I can still be successful and on track with my goal. I appreciate that you still have to have these “talks” with your self just like someone like myself who is still on their journey.


  3. Mara,

    Since this is a journey, it’s never over.

    And MizFit? I never had to lose weight when younger, but I’ll agree in my case, post-menopausal weight loss is harder than for all those young whipper-snappers.

  4. Oh, dear. I love the phrase “put on your big-girl panties.” I’m totally stealing that.

    And for what it’s worth, I keep whining around wondering whyyyyyyyy it’s so hard to lose weight now, when it wasn’t in college, I’m only 31, it shouldn’t be hard yet, whyyyyyyyyy . . . Um, yeah. Know why? Because in college I was a dancer, so I bascially had cardio workouts 40 hours a week. FORTY HOURS. No wonder I didn’t have to adjust my diet much. :P (Well, except for the intermittent bouts of starving. But I’m not counting those days.)

    But, yeah. “Big girl panties” is priceless.

  5. I’m feeling you. I’ve gained a few pounds myself and I KNOW what I need to do to get back to where I want to be — it just kinda sucks to have to do so. Like you, a lot of it is due to continuing to eat the same amount of food on the days I’m not as active.

  6. how was your weekend?

    fraught with biggirlpanties or did we (the royal) end up commando? thong’ed?

  7. Sounds like you are approaching this so sensibly! I think the information gathering is really smart, and the realistic goals. Maintaining for so long is really impressive too, btw. Good luck in the next phase!

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