Workout Notes

I’ve had a couple great workouts this weekend.  Worked hard, tied a couple personal bests, hit the locker room all sweaty, slept like a dog at night.  Thought I’d share the workouts and some notes.

-20-30 minutes of cardio.  November is my treadmill month (I’m a little sad to see it go); the machine is set a 6 incline, walking speed is 3.8, running speed is 6.2.  I go until the timer shows 2:55 at a walk, then run through every 3rd minute (3,6,9,12,15) walking the others for a total of 20-30 minutes.

-Reverse Crunches to Push-ups on an exercise ball (15); Bridge on ball (1 minute); Side Plank (1 minute/side).

-warm-up exercise: assisted pull-ups.  Two sets of 12 at 1/2 my body weight  OR unassisted pull-ups (5.5 on try Sunday).


-Bench Press (flat) 12@22.5# DBs/ Tricep Dips (20)/Chalice Squats 15@25#  2 sets of all.

Leg Press Single leg 15 each@65# 2 sets


-Kneeling Rows (12@40#)/Lunges holding 15#DB (10/side)/ bench crunches (20) 2 sets


-Lat Pulls (12@60#)/Pushups (10) 2 sets

Captains Chair 15 ea. 2 sets

One more ab exercise that I can’t name.  15ea 2 sets.

Stretching. Shower. Home.


I like mixing upper body and lower body together in a superset, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to use a leg machine and add upper body to it except for the squat box. When I do the interval cardio, I’m easier on my legs.  When I do a steady-rate cardio, I use leg machines.

This workout (after the cardio) usually takes me about 45-60 minutes.

The warm-up exercise is to warm up the muscles I’ll be using that day.  The core work helps and pull-ups use a lot of the body.

The unnamed exercise: you hang by your hands on a slanted ab bench, legs up and lower leg parallel to the ground.  Keep core firm, pull legs in toward chest then press feet out maintaining legs at parallel.

I just realized today that there aren’t any shoulder exercises in here.  Need to add an overhead press in here somewhere.

December and I return to the cross-trak machine (it’s similar to an elliptical).

I have a stability workout I do at least once a week that’s different than this.  More bodyweight activities that combine moves (lunges with a bicep curl as I hold at the bottom for example).  It’s another fun workout.


3 responses to “Workout Notes


    Im hanging in and have taken a week off to heal and rest—-I dont miss the cardio (AT ALL) but cant wait to get back to lifting this week.

  2. You really inspire me Deb. I cannot wait until I can exercise like you.


  3. Miz,

    With the holidays and family around it’s a great time to take a week rest. One of my workout books suggests we all do that about once every couple months to heal and get our mojo back

    The time I took off about a month ago really helped. I came back with some renewed concentration and have been able to increase weight almost weekly, getting back to the work levels I had early summer, before illness and injury hit me with the double whammy.

    I wouldn’t miss the cardio either…


    Thanks. It’s all baby steps. Had you told me 2 years ago I’d be doing this, I would have thought you insane.

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