Stop the Slip!

I read a great tip a couple weeks ago – lordy I wish I remembered where!  I have the proverbial duck feet; toes that need a wide toe-box but heels so narrow they are always slipping out of my shoes.

Did you know that with a simple change in how you lace up your athletic shoes you can stop these shoes from slipping?  Seriously!  I’ve been testing the technique and it works.

Lace your shoes the same way until you get to the top hole on your shoes.  Instead of crossing over your arch, run the lace straight up to hole above the 2nd last hole.  Insert the lace from above to below.  Do it on both sides.  Leave the lace a bit loose between these 2 holes.

Now cross the lace over and slip it under that loop.  Bring both ties to the center of the shoe, tighten things up to your comfort level and tie.

Check it out.  No more heel slip!



One response to “Stop the Slip!

  1. Oh, neat. I have those same duck feet (size WW at the ball, size AA at my heel), and I’ve only ever found one pair of athletic shoes that didn’t slip. Unfortunately, they’re meant to be training shoes, and not to be worn for long periods of time (though I do, anyway – they’re Nike Frees).

    But I will print this out and the next time I go shoe-shopping, I will DEFINITELY try it! Thanks!

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