With the holiday season upon us, many of us are going to be running out of town to do a workout. We’re going to run short of time whether it’s because of travelling to visit distance family or friends,  working longer hours, or stuck home nursing sick family members.  When this happens, it’s always good to have a few simple exercises that we can do almost anywhere.

My Top Anywhere Moves:

1. Plank. Far and away one of the best overall exercises you can do. It will give you a rock solid core.

2. Lunges. I do not particularly LIKE doing lunges, but they are one of the best lower body exercises. They work the quads, hamstrings, inner thigh, glutes, and core. They are great for stability and balance. In short, like ’em or not, we must embrace the lunge. You can do these stepping forward, stepping backward, walking across a surface, with weights or medicine ball in your hands, with a twist. JUST DO ‘EM.

3. Squats. Hamstrings, quads and glutes get the attention here. For a simple safe squat, keep your back against a wall, move your feet out, sliding your back down the wall until you are in a sitting position. Your legs should be at right angles, feet pointing straight out, shoulders back.

4. Pushups. Either regular pushups or knee push ups if that’s all you can do. For the regular pushup, remember to push back through your heels to keep the back and hips strong.

5. Tricep dips.

6. Crunches. Regular crunches, ball crunches, bicycle crunches.  You name it, you do it.

7. Take a Walk. Got a spare 10-15 minutes?  Take a walk.  Unless the temperatures are terribly cold, head outside and get some fresh air.

There ya go. Some easy ways to get our exercise in even when we’re short of time. Are there any favorite moves you have that you’d do instead?


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  1. Thanks Deb for the great suggestions. I know during the holidays it is tuff for me to go to the gym so these are actually a lot of the exercises I do there that I can do at home!


    • Mara,

      The whole idea to me was to list those exercises that I do at home when I need to “work off some stress.” I can run through these in about 15 minutes or so (well, except for the walk), and feel so much better afterwards. Adding an exercise ball at home makes it even more likely I’ll do it.

      Please drop me a line and let me know if it works for you.

  2. is it wrong that I long for YOU to demo for us?


    • Miz,

      I’m working on setting up some demos, though a camera man would make it much easier. Standing in front of a camera on a tripod is one thing. Moving (or working on the floor?) is another. And remembering to talk is a third!

      As far as musing while I walk… first, do you read my mind? Second, I have discovered that filming while walking give the viewer a very bumpy vid! Plus I’m normally trying to keep two dogs in line. Though it would let Katy and Jake become “stars”…

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