Braggin’ Be Good

(three posts in a week? I’d like to take this as a sign that my new meds are starting to work. All together now, YAY!)

This is starting as just a little brag, but I’m hoping that as I get the words on the page it grows to something more than just a self-indulgent tale.

Tuesday I was working with trainer Adam, who has dedicated himself to getting me to

  • do 15 pullups and
  • really become aware of my core strength/posture.

He gives me HARD workouts with seldom more than 30 seconds rest, and has me doing things I don’t do on my own. I remember the intensity;  I’ve become more creative in my own routines;  and I concentrate on the core now no matter what exercise I’m doing.

Anyway, I was working hard, sweaty as hell, and running through a set of reverse crunches to push-ups on the swiss ball (yes, MizFit I WILL get this on a video. Promise.). Another trainer, James, walked by and commented:

Wow, half my male clients can’t do that!

Adam, being a great trainer, first made James repeat it so I could hear it, then turned to James and said:

Yeah, and she can do 7 unassisted pull-ups too!

Now I was proud that I could something that a lot of the people in the gym can’t do, but what realy made me feel good was my trainer bragging about me!  I think at that moment he could have told me anything and I would have given it a shot!

Maybe that’s the point.  The positive statement was great: it made me proud of what I’ve accomplished.  However, the pride that Adam takes in my accomplishments (and he emphasizes that it’s all me) boosts my confidence even more.  He knows me and he’s still proud of me!

Is that one of the reasons that people seek out workout buddies/accountability partners?  To have someone they know is on their side?  Someone who challenges them when they want to stop and will brag a little about their successes?

I’ve never really known that kind of relationship until I started working with my guys, so I’m not sure.  (and yes, it’s sad that I’ve lived 55 years without that kind of support.  but great that I’ve had 2 talented trainers to show me). It gives me an insight, though, in how to act with all my relationships going forward: push a little when someone needs pushing, but remember to brag on them little and make sure they know it!

My challenge to myself and to you is to do this with someone almost every day for a while.  Practice showing my pride in others.  Making sure others know.

How about you?  Who do you want to brag about just a little?


4 responses to “Braggin’ Be Good

  1. yeah yeah yeah you are the strongest woman in the world.

    You want me to say it?


    You happy now? ;)

    Kelly Turner

  2. interesting post Deb. and since youve started me thinking…

    to me the biggest compliment was when I heard my husband ‘bragging’ about how strong I was as well.

    for me it was 100% because it’s something we work our collective asses off for :) not like, say, having lovely hair or a pretty face AND it’s something not all people—let alone woman–possess

    hadnt thought about t hat before….

    • I think you’ve got something there, MIZ. It’s someone being proud of our accomplishments!

      Now to internalize this and remember to speak up when I’m proud of others’ accomplishments.

  3. I find myself proud of you and of all the folks whose blogs I visit–the accomplishments are so inspiring, especially when you read the doubts, false starts, obstacles, etc that led up to those accomplishments. Even though I’ve never met these folks, I feel connected and vicariously proud!

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