My knee became a little hinky after the great plyo box jumping experience on Tuesday. One spot is a bit swollen (that soft spot outside the leg just below the knee cap), and the knee doesn’t like steps now. Normally that spot is sore because of a tight IT band, so this isn’t unusual and the good news is: it’s getting better every day. Think there was just a little bruising going on there.

I had today pencilled in as a hard cardio day with lots of stability and leg work and had to admit that there was no hard cardio that wouldn’t irritate the situation. So slow-long it was.

The stability stuff was fine: lots of plank and bridge variations, some balance stuff, and stretchy band play. Except holding SB shoulder presses and walking sideways with the band stretched between my feet is not really my idea of play. I did some leg curls and extensions, but avoided the press or squat and finished with some ab work.

Now I’m feeling all tight and firm and happy that I did it. Was the perfect workout today. Just texted Adam about our workout tomorrow: knee is hinky. Wonder what he’ll dream up for me in the way of an upper body workout? I’m thinking tomorrow this time, my lats and triceps are going to be hating me.

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