2009 Fitness Goals

In honor of New Year’s Day, I am listing some of fitness goals for 2009:

  • Get a bit leaner (lose some of the remaining adipose fat around belly).  Building a bit more lean muscle mass is OK, too!
  • Do 15 unassisted chin-ups.  Do 3 pull-ups if my shoulders let me.
  • Become comfortable with barbell squats and build a rock-hard butt.
  • Run rapids this summer (first time in 20 years).
  • Improve balance by strengthening/retraining ankles.

The only one of these that I stated (quietly) last year was to run rapids.  My plans fell through because I couldn’t make myself do this alone and I couldn’t find anyone to commit to doing it with me.  Since then, I’ve practiced asking people to do things with me a lot more; getting someone to ride a river with me might be easier.

BTW, if you’d like to hike the Grand Canyon with me in 2010… let me know!

5 responses to “2009 Fitness Goals

  1. We work on squatting (all the way down, not squats as in lunges, workouts) in yoga all the time. Slowly going all the way down, pausing for a bit, and then slowly going all the way up. One of my instructors had us start with a folded yoga blanket under our heels. It made a big difference for me in stretching out and balancing. I have also done this same thing against the wall. The best squats I have ever done were in an old, old brick building where there was a 1/2″ gap between the old wood floor and then brick wall. The gap was on purpose so that the old walls could expand and contract with the seasons. But there was enough room to put ones fingers down the crack and hold on – lean back into the squat. We would do them with our knees together and we would do them with our knees apart (knees pointing same direction as toes). I loved those and still miss them.

    • Kelly, Same to you! Same to everyone.

      Vickie, I squat “ass to grass” all the time without weight (though not as slowly as your yoga instructor leads you). It’s one of the moves I pair with rows or lat pulls in supersets. Also do lots of wall squat moves. But when I grab the barbell and add weight everything changes. As I go into the squat move, I lose my tight core, slip forward, strain my lower back and have my feet slip out. All signs of muscle groups that need work. So I work slowly (once or twice a week) with fairly light weight (65#) and concentrate on my form. As I get better, these will disappear and I can add more depth.

      Makes for a perfect long term goal for this year, doesn’t it?

  2. Excellent fitness goals, Deb. And I think it’s very cool that you’re pushing yourself to doing the rapids. (Eeek! Scary!) :)

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