Can’t Fool Myself Any Longer

A medication I’m on has, as a side effect, an increased craving for simple carbs. While I was in an emphasize weight-loss phase, I fought to eliminate this craving by substituting more complex carbs and making sure I was well hydrated.

But I’ve gotten a bit complacent and the last 7 weeks I have not been succeeding. For a while, I fooled myself into believing that the weight gain had to be muscle. But I really can’t fool myself any longer.

I’ve got to take this craving on head on. More attention to hydration, more careful food planning, and eliminating most of the simple carb foods in the house will be my first steps.

Next? A re-emphasis on harder cardio.

How many others have had small set ups while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle?


4 responses to “Can’t Fool Myself Any Longer

  1. hydrating really helps huh?
    and I tend to forget that when faced with an I WANT SUGAR feeling…

  2. are you always eating your complex carbs WITH a serving of protein? (I assume you know to do this – but wondered since you didn’t mention it.)

    • Miz,

      Proper hydration really seems to help me when it comes to sugar cravings. The sugar makes me a bit dehydrated, then screams for more, which turns into a vicious cycle.

      Yeah, when I eat complex carbs there is always a protein component. The problem lately has been eating crackers, cookies, french toast.. all those total waist items that I had weaned myself off. And eating them in quantities (like an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers because .. they aren’t called CRACKers for nothing!)

      Those items I’m sure I did not eat with protein, awareness or restraint. So I’m kickin that habit and getting back to the good things: Irish Oatmeal, brown rice, and the low carb whole wheat tortillas. White flour and white sugar begone.

  3. You could also alot yourself a “treat” once a week, pre planned of course, and that treat could be what ever you are craving for at the time.

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