Alwyn, Please Forgive Me.

Sunday was my first workout using the New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 1 template. (NRLW-ST.1A from now on.)  I enjoyed the workout and came away with a couple thoughts:

This is the acclimitization phase of the workout, where you get used to the strength moves and the supersets.   I’ve done all but one of these exercises as part of my regular routine, so I’m already familiar with this.  Only new move is the deadlift, which is easy enough to learn.  Because this is designed to get one used to the idea, it’s also twice as long as the other componants- aiming at 6-8 weeks to complete.

However, since this isn’t physically new to me, I will be shortening this to 4 weeks, changing the reps/sets each time I do a workout. This is giving me time to get used to the ideas of this workout and to get my baseline strength established.  Alwyn, I hope you understand and forgive me.

The second thing that struck me: this is a shorter workout than I usually do.  Each of these workouts is a full-body workout (no working 2 days in a row here).  When I’ve done full-body in the past, I’ve followed Gunnar Pederson’s 11 moves idea.  Would take about an hour  to an hour and fifteen minutes to work through the entire thing.  Cosgrove’s workouts are FIVE MOVES.  I’ll be able to complete the strenth part of my workout in about 20 minutes!  Add the  warmup, cardio and stretching, and I’ll be in and out of the gym in about an hour.

More time for LIFE!  It’s gotta be all good!

Now what did I do?

Started with a 10 minute cardio warm up, then lunges to warm up the muscles.

The Program:

Squats: 2 sets of 15 reps with appropriate warm-up set.  Warmed up with bare bar (45#), then set 1 at 75# and set 2 at 85#.

Pushups: Set one: 12, Set two: 10.

Seated Rows: Two sets of 15 at 50#

Step Ups: Two sets with 15# DBS, 15 reps. each foot.

Ball Jack Knife: 2 sets of 10 each.  (could have done more)


Because this really didn’t feel like enough to me I added more to my workout.  This is one of the temptations I’m going to have to fight, but the gym on Sunday afternoons is delightfully empty, leaving equipment easy to use.

Bench Press: warm up with bare bar (45#), set 1 12/65# set 2 10/75#

Leg Extensions on Incline Ab Bench with a twist: 2 sets of 15.

Home.  And I’ll be walking the dogs for additional cardio.


One response to “Alwyn, Please Forgive Me.

  1. Very inspiring I hope to one day so my workouts are to short!


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