Not Enough

I’ve given the NROL template a short play. Done both of the first workouts twice and still have the same impression: it’s not enough.

I don’t know if I need to remind myself that you don’t have to kill yourself to get fit. I think it’s that I have been lifting for almost 2 years, and I’m beyond the point of this template.

I’m going to say now: the program would be challenging and worthwhile for someone who has been lifting for a few months. But not a way to workout for the experienced.

Going back to my normal routines next week.


3 responses to “Not Enough

  1. Hi, we’re following each other on Twitter. I’ve been working out and lifting for years, and the circuits that Jillian Michael’s has in her book, “Making The Cut” have completely changed my body. I don’t follow the eating but the workouts, I love. My arms have NEVER looked like this. You may be beyond this, too, but just sayin’.

  2. Hi,
    Interesting about the New Rules for Lifting for Women. It’s been recommended in the comments section of my blog several times.
    Does the book offer intermediate or advanced routines?

    • The NRLW template is a great undulating template that is supposed to work up to a harder routine. I just cannot feel completely worked out with only moves each time I go to the gym. Even when I’m feeling exercised afterward, it just doesn’t feel like enough. I’ll admit that this reaction might be because I use exercise to control anxiety, and the time involved seems to be an important factor.

      That said, I need to consult the final couple workout routines and see if they feel more challenging.

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