Real World Workout

Today is the MLK National Day of Service Holiday. In past years, I’ve tried to find volunteer opportunities for this day with little success.

This past fall, however, a group that originally organized to get to Barack Obama elected, wisely realized they had a contacts and commitments for change. The focus turned overnight from election activities to community service, and Citizen Hope was formed. They have taken an active role to keep us involved in the process. This includes regularly putting out volunteer opportunities.

In December I helped to hand out food, toys and personal care items to disadvantaged in San Francisco as part of Miracle at Pier 48. Besides the genuine feelings of thankfulness from those we assisted, the lasting memory was the discussion of the volunteers:

First hour: I won’t have to go the gym tomorrow!

Second hour and beyond: I won’t be able to go to gym tomorrow.
That’s because we lugged large heavy boxes for several hours, getting incredible full-body workouts and killing our arms, backs, and legs.

Today as part of Citizen Hope, I have volunteered to help 3rd graders in a poor neighbor work their plots in the school farm. They’ve suggested that we will be moving loads of mulch, helping to prepare the soil and helping the students in planting seeds.When the crops are ready to be picked, each child will have fresh, organic produce to take home and share with their families.

How cool is this?

However, based solely on my previous experience, I am confident that I will be getting a real world full-body workout today, with no need to hit the gym.  I’m cool with that, but pray that I recover quickly.


2 responses to “Real World Workout

  1. you know I admire what youre doing….we’re doing our little part today in the ATX as well.


  2. I so admire you…One of my goals is to devote more time to volunteering.


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