Workout Plan for the Week 1/25/09

I’ll be heading away from home on Thursday, so this is a short work out week.

Sunday: Interval training cardio. Two minutes walking @3.8 MPH, 1 minute running at @6.2-6.3 MPH. For 20 minutes.

Stability work: Plank, Bridge, Balance

Strength: Upper body: Dips, Press, Rows, Pulls, Push ups.
The entire thing unstable.

I am working on doing ball bench press with only one leg on the ground. The steps before that are all easy for me, but I can’t even simply do the bridge part with one leg! Keep rolling off. At least I laugh as I’m rolling off the ball…

Cool down, stretches and foam roller massage.

Monday: Steady state cardio -30 minutes.
Stability: Incline plank, glute activation moves, ankle stabilization moves.
Strength: Lower body: Dead lifts, Leg Press, Lunges, Step Ups. Abductor/Adductors.
Core: Capt. chair, incline ab bench.
Cool down, stretches, foam roller.

Tuesday: rest day.

Wednesday: Cardio. 30 minutes steady state.
Stability: Plank, Bridge, Incline plank. Dynamic stretches.
Strength: Full body workout: Squats, Bench Press, Pull Ups, Back Extensions, Tricep, Bicep. Leg Raises.
Cool Down: stretching, foam roller.

Thursday through Sunday: rest days.


2 responses to “Workout Plan for the Week 1/25/09

  1. oooh
    work trip?
    fun trip?

  2. Work trip. I help to organize and run She’s Geeky, an unconference for geek girls that’s happening next weekend.

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