I’m mulling over the idea of adding a new element to this blog. Kind of.

I’d like to add a simple video element occasionally that shows how I prepare simple foods with clean eating in mind. Not just how I cook greens, but showing me cooking them, how I finish the dish off, what I eat it with. Get people thinking about how to combine flavors they like to make their dishes yummy.

If I were to do this, are there are any foods you’d like to know about?

The easiest first vids would likely be the greens and oatmeal. And likely ideas for combining foods in a delish salad. Of course, I fear that everyone will discover that my main trick is sprinkling a lot foods with balsamic vinegar or soy sauce.


3 responses to “Input

  1. even the low salt soy really GETS me – not you?

  2. not me :) I love the soy and the brags liquid aminos and would welcome ANY COOKING VIDS!!

  3. Vickie,

    The only things that get me regularly are cow’s milk and wheat. Salt? not a problem. Would find it hard to live without my soya…

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