Attention and Presence

I was on my way to the grocery store this morning, getting together my list, my purse, my keys. Next to my keys was my music player, which I almost grabbed. Plugging into my music while shopping feels energizing.

Then I stopped. It normally takes me about an hour to run through the store. While the music works, it also cuts me off not only from the people in the store with me but also from being aware and present while I shop. I automatically and rather mindlessly get items from the list and put them into the cart.

Instead, I chose to go and concentrate on the task. NOT make the process of choosing my foods robotic. Make each decision clearly.

I wish I could say that doing so lowered my weekly grocery bill. It didn’t. It give me an hour to consider how I’m choosing to eat this week, what I will be using to fuel my body through work and workouts.

I think I made a couple better decisions because I spent the time being aware. And it cost me nothing.

So this week I’m going to look for those activities I typically do “on remote” and make a serious attempt to pay attention and be fully present while doing them. What will happen if I participate in vacuuming? in doing dishes? in the common and menial tasks of the day?


2 responses to “Attention and Presence

  1. I really identified with this posting.
    and wanted to add to it.

    One of my biggest problems (in the beginning) was rumination. I didn’t know I did it – I didn’t know it was possible to NOT do it. It had just always been there.

    I learned to NOT ruminate in yoga – took a long time. My current psych meds also help.

    so, I went through a spell where I used things like your music to distract myself and keep myself even. And now I am to the point – where I can peacefully just be in the moment.

    • Oh lordy… I so need to learn how to not ruminate. I think that’s one thing I DO use the music for. Although I tend to ruminate and ignore the music even if it’s directly in my ear. I can’t listen to the radio because I totally ignore it.

      Thanks for this comment. It adds a lot to the post.

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