Last weekend I worked as one of the organizers for the regional She’s Geeky conference. Two long days of “being on” and having the answers have left me drained. So when Monday rolled around with a return to normal life and schedules, I could not motivate myself to head to the gym.

I pushed myself to go anyway. I’m glad I did.

Recently, to shake things up a bit, I’ve begun to do my bench press using the Olympic bar instead of the dumbbells. I don’t load much weight on the bar, only 10 to 12 pounds per side… so don’t imagine me looking like any of the guys. I do it to try and coordinate the movement between my right and left side. Concentrating on keeping the bar level is more important to me than pushing heavier weights.


Yesterday I was searching for the light weights I needed on my bar. It’s easy to find the heavy plates, 35# and 45#, but the light ones hide or disappear. Found and placed one 10# weight on the bar, was searching hard for a partner for it. The guy at the bench next me – resting from his set – noticed, spotted the right weight and placed it on my bar for me.

Later, he spotted me during my last set, encouraging me to get a couple more reps out of it than I would have felt safe doing on my own.

You occasionally see a guy step in and help out another guy. But I rarely see -and even more rarely experience – a guy offering to help a gal out unless their friends working out together.

Felt good. Like I’m just another guy workin’ out.


3 responses to “Happenin

  1. funny that you posted this on the same day that Mizfit talks about spotting someone at the gym!!! good posting!

  2. when that last sentence happened to me I felt so GREAT as well.

  3. Vickie..

    Great minds think alike?


    I think I’ve worked really hard to be accepted as just one of the guys or gals. but then, I expect each one there has to work really hard to earn that feeling…

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