Getting Creative

Since I hurt myself (almost 2 weeks ago), I have listening to everyone’s advice and taking things easy. NO, I haven’t stayed out of the gym; YES, I’ve changed things up to take care of myself.

For the past two years, I’ve been doing unstable super-setted workouts. I LOVE them. They make me concentrate; they challenge; they feel creative.

And I’ve had to give them up until I heal.

I’ve gone to workouts where my trunk is supported, even going back to using some of the machines. It lets me work out and protects me hurting my ribcage and obliques further. I appreciate it. It’s only going to be a month or so, barely a blink in my lifetime.


Now I understand why. Until I wrote the words, I never realized designing and doing these workouts feel creative. They give my mind something to do while my body is working. Now? There isn’t anything creative in these workouts. The muscles get a bit of challenge, but I don’t. My mind is left with nothing to do but count 1, 2, 3.

Any suggestions for ways to get creative in a boring workout?


2 responses to “Getting Creative

  1. hmmmm. Im gonna ponder this because you and I are SO ALIKE. I swear Id need to being something to DO in between sets if I had to in order to keep the mind moving.
    hey, are we like border collies?!

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