Discipline at Home

I have a number of friends who are starting/doing Jillian’s 30 Day Shred or the P90X workout videos.  I admire the heck outta these people.  And I envy their discipline. Now anyone who knows I head out to the gym 5 days a week might think it’s silly of me to envy someone who is staying home working out to a video.  But you’d be wrong.

There is NO WAY that I have self-discipline to stay home and consciously decide to stop all the things I have to do -and all the distractions that pull at me – and consciously decide to do a workout at home.  I don’t even fool myself anymore by looking at/renting/buying these videos.

When I joined the gym, it took my almost a month to simply walk in and talk to a sales counselor.  When I signed up Mike did not let me leave without getting a trainer (the fabulous Guido) and making sure I had my first appointment set.  For several weeks, the only time I went to the gym was when I was paying for a workout.  Money=Great Motivator.  Those first few workouts began to get my into the habit of going in.

Soon, Guido suggested that I had come far enough along that I could do a third workout on my own.  It happened at a time when I needed/wanted a reason to head out of the house for a while on the weekend, and my Sunday afternoon workout was born.  Desire increased the chance of my going and the habit became stronger.

As the winter rains rolled in, limiting my chances of walking outside, I headed to the gym 5 days a week to get that cardio in.  And while I was there, I might as well do some stability work …

So the habit was born slowly over time and grew into something greater.  Now part of planning every week is deciding which days I’ll hit the gym, what I’ll work on.  Planning my workouts is fun.

How would I start and enforce a habit that lets me stay home?  That requires me to consciously interrupt what I’m doing to stand in my family room and sweat while watching TV or watching the same thing on my laptop?  What would be penalty for forgetting? for postponing?

The only penalty would be another chance to beat up on myself for being a failure.  And there would be nobody to counteract those discussions.  No reinforcement for doing good; only negatives.  So this would never work for me.

Yet for so many others this seems like an easier choice than going to the gym.  For those who feel that way, I so admire your personal fortitude and discipline.


6 responses to “Discipline at Home

  1. I’m in my third week of P90x and really prefer it to the gym. It’s convenient, and I have my own (likeable!) personal trainer showing me exactly how to do the exercises I need to do.

    All I need is a mirror, and the remote to back up in case I don’t get it (the first day of Kenpo karate/boxing was pathetic) the first time around.

    At the gym, I get a little nervous in the weight room with all the meatheads who (I feel like) see me as an inconvenience and waste of space. If I don’t know *exactly* how to use a machine, I skip it altogether. At home, I can do it several times/ways til I get it right and no one’s waiting & tapping his giant foot impatiently.

    The downside, of course, is that it’s easy to get distracted at home, but I go into my room away from my laptop/blackberry and get busy. The nice thing about P90x is that, with the exception of yoga, I don’t have time to let my mind wander.

    Yeesh. Sorry about writing a novel on your blog!

  2. my husband just asked me this same thing – could I do what i do (classes) at home, by myself and stay in the same place (maintain my health, fitness level and weight) – ? I suppose I could if I HAD to (poverty, long term sick child, etc) – but I hope that I never am put in that position. . .

  3. I like to mix it up…include some exercises at home, outside or at the gym! Keep it going either way! Keep your journey moving! Awesome!

  4. I am a diehard cardio at home person. only because I motivate in the dark HERE to get on the bike and would NEVER make it to the car to drive somewhere.
    I need the gym energy—even if its LOW it motivates me.

  5. Have a nice weekend!

  6. Recently, I quit the gym after being a member forever! I am lazy about the time to drive to the gym. I do better first thing in the AM with my k-bells, jump rope and loud music of my choosing.

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