Favorite Leg Exercise?

Lately I find myself Jonesing for my leg workouts. I think I can complete a workout, wait three hours, and start thinking about the next time I can do one.


I don’t know why I’m enjoying these so much, or why I kind of crave them. They are kind of intense but not too long. I make sure I do version of deads, squats, lunges and step-ups. Then call it a deal. Maybe 2 versions of lunges…

In the past I’ve sprained my ankles a number of times, and have just realized that my main balance issues are in the ankles. Did some reading on this and found some interesting answers on building strong ankles.

One of the corrective moves is to step up on a bench, then drop/land on one foot sticking the landing. By doing this repetitively, you train your foot how to land level and all the neuromuscular receptors in the foot/ankle/leg get activated and begin to learn how to work together again.

This is a natural exercise to add into my leg workout. I step up onto one of the bench press benches in the gym, balancing on one leg, then drop down over the bench using the “free” leg. Turn and repeat. Two birds. One stone.

And I LIKE it!

So I’m wondering: what’s your favorite leg exercise (as specific or general as you wish)?

Do you love you some ball squats? Have walking lunges walked into your heart and given you a butt everyone envies?

Hit me up in comments.. I’d love to hear.


2 responses to “Favorite Leg Exercise?

  1. Have to say squats and walking lunges are my favorite. Can’t do step ups…… doc tells me to stay off steps.

  2. I dont have one…hmmm wait Ill go with STIFF LEGGED DEAD LIFTS!

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