HOT by BlogHer.

Boy, do I need every little shred of encouragement and support I can for losing these returned 10#. And I do need to lose them. I’m not fitting into most of my jeans, and I’m finding myself searching out my “fat” clothes. Hard to do when you purge your closet every 6 months of those clothes at are stained or too big for me to wear anymore.

(and yes, it used to be those clothes that were too small).

So I’ve decided to join the gals at HOT BY BLOGHER for a little group support and some fun. Maybe I can give a few pointers to some of them. Hopefully, I can get some cheers of my own.

I’m working OK -well, I could get back to doing intervals now. So the exercise really isn’t the factor. What I need to do is get back to watching those damn calories. Back to whole grains, and lots of veggies. Yay, with summer coming that should be easy. Back to limiting that evening snacking.

This is do-able. And doing it in a group will make it even more fun.

Step one: begin journalling my food again. Gah, I hate that.


4 responses to “HOT By BLOGHER

  1. Me too. I think it helps stay conscious on what we actually eat.

  2. ugh i hate food joournalling but it helps so much.

  3. Hi just wanted to stop by and wish you luck!! my name is dayra and i am also doing the blogher challenge, hope we can be ‘friends’ and share tips with each other
    Remember, you can do it!! :)

  4. wow you gave me some great advice thanks a bunch!! Yes, I agree becoming aware IS the first step and although its a little embarrassing I know it will be all worth it when I reach my goals! again, thanks for stopping by :)

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