Hot by BlogHer

There are a number of participants who are doing ‘Hot By BlogHer”.  This is a group effort to be at our personal best before we all get together in Chicago for our annual giant Blogging Love Fest.  I decided to take part in this year just for the push.  And because I’ve somehow managed to gain about 13# back.. way too quickly to be good; and without any major changes in my diet.  Confusing, yes.  But not without hope.

Each week there are challenges we can accept.  This week’s challenges are either a personal one to create a vision board (I’ve already done this), a nutritional challenge to limit/stop eating in the evening; or a fitness challenge to take some “start point” measurements with which we can compare our progress.

I’m all up for the fitness challenge.  So without further ado:

If you accept this challenge, you’re going to write down a few body measurements and put yourself through an endurance test. First, get a tape measure and take measurements of your chest, waist, hips, bicep and thigh. Write down each measurement.

Next you’ll measure your endurance. Time yourself doing jumping jacks at a quick pace until you can no longer continue. After you’ve recovered, do as many push-ups as you can without stopping and make a note of how many you did. Do the same with crunches and squats. Note: make sure you are continuously moving – when you have to pause you are done.

Once you have your baseline, you can then do this challenge again once a month to see how your body has changed. Even if the scale doesn’t move, you’re likely to lose inches and have better endurance – that’s progress, too!

So, for the record at noon on 3/25/09:
Hips- 36.5″
Biceps- 12.25″

For the record, I placed these numbers into my FitDay record and continued with the measurements there. I am up 3.75″ in 6 weeks, and up a whopping 17.75″ from my slimmest measuments in 5/1/08. Holy crap! I knew something was different that is a shocker. I’ve also gained 10#.

For the endurance tests:
jumping jacks I quit at 100 but probably could have done a few more.
squats 70
pushups (standard) 13
crunches 60


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