Quick Ten Challenges

I have an online accountability partner. We email regularly to keep us on track for our fitness goals. My partner is a guy I’ll call T.

Lately T has asked me about working out and adding some resistance training to his life. To get him started again, and to add some fun to the whole thing we’ve started 10 minute challenges.

Every couple days I email him with a daily challenge that he has to do for a total of 10 minutes during the day. Examples:

Plank: hold plank pose for 1 minute or with rest for a minute total. Repeat 10x during the day.

Wall sits. Hold a wall sit for 1 minute, or do 10 wall sits at one time. Repeat 10x during the day.

Jumping Jacks: Do as many jumping jacks as you can in one minute. Repeat each time, trying to do at least one more each time.

I’m posting these challenges on Twitter each evening if you’d like to join us in these quick fitness challenges.


2 responses to “Quick Ten Challenges

  1. That’s a great idea, and an easy way to work in a little bit more exercise throughout the day.

    If you’re interested, you could design the fitness challenge for HBB one week, using 5 10-min challenges for everyone to follow.

  2. 10 planks, Yikes. Not sure I could do that.

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