Shaking It Up

Had a great workout today.  It was an upper body day, but when I went to free weight section, there wasn’t a bench available anywhere.  Undaunted, I grabbed a Swiss (stability) ball and just kept on working.

Specific warm up: 3 sets of pull-ups on the gravaton.

First up bridge DB chest press on the ball, pair with skull crushers on the ball.

Next: Bent-over Rows, kneeling on the swiss ball, paired with 20#bb bicep curls.

Then: 10 push-ups with shoulder presses, then tricep extension.

At that point I gave up on the ball and did some standing cable rows and 2 kinds of tricep push downs to complete the workout.

I barely pulled my bra off before I took my shower…


3 responses to “Shaking It Up

  1. LOOOOOOVE those workouts!
    when I can barely undress.
    It has been a while for me though.
    I need you to kick my arse .

    (note no smiley face. Im not joking)

  2. You did 3 sets of pull ups as a WARM UP???

    Sounds like a great work out! I’m with MizFit, I need some serious arse-kicking.

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