Ten Minutes Challenges: wo April 12th

Ten minutes challenges are very simple idea: Do a movement for one minute and repeat it 10 times throughout the day.  These are fairly simple exercises that can re-energize us and inspire us -and our families- to get moving.

This week:
Monday: Steps 2×2. Head up a flight of stairs 2 at a time; then walk down in normal fashion.  The first minute try to complete this task 4 to 6 times.  No need to race on this one; concentrate on pushing up on each step.

Tuesday: Push Ups. Everyone can do some form of pushup whether you push up from the counter’s edge, from a wall, or from the floor, on your knees or your toes. No time set on this one.  Do 10 pushups each time.   By the end of the day, you’ll have done 100 pushups!

Wednesday: Jumping Jacks! Remember how much fun these were?  See how many you can do a minute, then see if you can do just one more each time.

Thursday: Bird Dogs. On the floor, on your hands and knees.  Keeping your head straight (looking down not out) raise your left arm and right leg straight out.  Hold for 5 seconds and return arm and leg to floor.  Alternate sides.

Friday: Foot Push. Stand erect, hands on hips.  Lift one foot slightly off the ground; balancing on one foot.  Keeping the foot parallel to the ground, gently push the free foot forward as far as you can while maintaining your balance.  You can bend the support leg but do not lean forward.  Try for 3-4 times on each side in your minute.

These exercises were designed to give you a little touch of a full body workout.  First your legs, then your arms, next some cardio and core and finishing with stability.  Want to head outdoors one day?  Play either a game of HopScotch or Leap Frog!


One response to “Ten Minutes Challenges: wo April 12th

  1. Interesting. I like the idea of incorporating little sets throughout the day.

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