Plank Variations

Since I’ve been writing these 10 Minute Challenges, I thought it would fun to show variations for some of the exercises I list.  (we shall not mention that certain people have been bugging me for months to do some videos….) For me, the most logical place to start was the very first exercise I did this time:  The Plank.

There are probably dozens of variations on the Plank, so I stuck with 9 that progress from the simplest to the most challenging.

Variations shown:

1. Basic Plank

2. Plank with knee touch

3. Plank with free leg knee touch

4. Plank to Push-Up

5. Plank with cross knee

6. Plank on Swiss ball

7. Plank on ball to reverse crunch

8. Plank on ball to reverse crunch to push-up

9 One legged plank on ball to reverse crunch

Which of these are your favorites?

I mentioned that I can’t really do #3.  I had foot surgery a couple years ago, and can’t often put that strain/weight on my bent left toe.  It’s not that the move is too hard to do- it’s that my toe can’t it.


5 responses to “Plank Variations

  1. This is great! I should do video too,except mine would be “here’s me trying to do sit ups. Ok, I’m done now. Hate sit ups….”

  2. You make it look so Possible :-)!

  3. Thank you for your comment.s.

    It all IS possible. When I started working out, I could only do a plank for a 30 seconds. It left me completely winded. And after the first day, I was hard-to-move-SORE for 2 days. It took almost a year before I could position myself on a stability ball and not fall off. Forget moving.

    The thing is, the more you do the more your body adapts. Eventually what was hard becomes easy and what was impossible becomes the next step to try.

    The hardest thing is to start.

  4. glad Ii found your blog!

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