Ten Minute Challenges, Week of 4/20

I’m taking this week’s challenges directly from one current regular workouts.

Monday: Planks. Choose any variation you’d like (see last week’s video for inspiration). Do it for one minute.

Tuesday: Wall Squats/Ball squats.

Wednesday: Crunches. I’m doing mine on a ball..

Thursday: Hop/Skip and Jump. Let’s have some fun. Just hop, skip and jump whenever you have the chance today. Around the grocery store? Through the parking lot? Be careful jumping up the stairs.

Friday: 21s. These are broken up bicep curls. Grab a comfortable weight, a soup can, or stretchy bands. With your hands near your side, raise your hands until they’re parallel to the ground, then drop them back down. Do a total of 7 times. Then raise your hands back to parallel and squeeze from that position up 7 times. Finally drop your arms back down and do 7 complete bicep curls.


3 responses to “Ten Minute Challenges, Week of 4/20

  1. **raises hand**

    Im in for todays workout.

  2. Good stuff. Your ten minute challenges seem like a good way of keeping your workouts fresh and new.

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