Fun with Numbers

Numbers can drive me crazy. Not only because, as one of the first students ever to use “new math” back in early ’60s, I’m somewhat flawed at performing it. But also because numbers can be in themselves confusing.

This weekend I used 2 simple online calculators: body fat and body mass. The body fat calculator told me I was 32% fat; this makes me obese by the normal calculations. The BMI calculator said my BMI of 25 was in the good range.


So I went deeper into the numbers. If I lost 10# -all fat- what would the numbers show? My BF would come down to 24% – you will never see my abs at that % (women need a BF of >18% for visible abs), but I would be quite healthy and happy there. My BMI only drops 2 points, keeping me in the healthy range.

So apparently I’m just on the edge. A good place to arrest this trend and move it into the other direction. An attainable goal.

Now how to do it?

I wish -vehemently- that I could force myself to journal every bite of food I eat. I’ve grown past that and fight it like a petulant child. However, I can come up with a basic plan: what to eat every day for most of the day. And only alter what I’m eating for dinner each night.

That’s a workable plan.

I can calculate my calories for my workouts a bit tighter. THAT’S a workable plan.

I might even talk to trainer-pal Adam about the new bodybugg. Would that be a workable plan? We’ll have to see. My problems with this before were wearing something on my arm all day, and paying all the time for the “privelege” of accessing the software that goes with the hardware. We’ll see…

How do develop a plan of attack for your fitness and commit to working it? Any and all tips welcome.


One response to “Fun with Numbers

  1. people adore the bodybugg.

    thats all I got.

    we’re in a holding pattern kinda rut up in herre till the Toddler hits kindergarten :)

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