Stability/Balance Workout

This is one of the workouts I’m rocking these days. I warm with just enough cardio to begin to get a sweat on. Then I do this in a circuit style – 10 exercises in a row without stopping except for a quick sip of water. Rest for 2 minutes and do it all again. While each individual exercise doesn’t seem hard, put together you finish with no choice except to stand with perfect posture.

I begin sweating about 15 seconds into this and don’t stop until I’m in the shower running cool water over me.

1. Reverse Ball Crunch to Push-up
2. Ball Cobra
3. Wood Chop (high to low) with 5 or 10# weight plate or medicine ball
4. Bird-dogs (15 each side)
5. Hanging leg raises -raising to both sides and front -15 of each
6. Step-up to Balance with military press (step to the side)
7. Backward Lunges with DBs
8. Box Jumps
9. Wall Squats with DB- arms extended out in front
10. Bridge


3 responses to “Stability/Balance Workout

  1. I dont need this at all.
    my core is amazing and my balance mindblowing…NOT :)

    • Then I am SOO jealous. After doing these for 3 years, my core is so-so and my balance about that of a 2 year old.

      The nice thing? This IS a a workout you can do at home or with the TT!

  2. thanks for the exercises. I know a few and a few I was able to google and others I couldn’t find (birds and dogs?)

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