Catching Up

Like the way I blog consistently for 3 days then disappear for a week?  Yeah, neither do I.

Last weekend I attended a 2 day training seminar given by NASM, which is my personal final step before taking my CPT certification test.  Yeah.. that’s coming soon.  I will not tell you when I’m taking it.  I will tell you when I’ve passed it.  (or failed it, but that’s not going to happen).

I’ll you about the seminar in a separate post.  I still need time to digest my impressions and get a reasoned reaction down.

Anyway, my real life kind of got in the way of the bloggy life.  sorry.

I’ve realized that if I spend a couple days during the week thinking about what I want to blog, I can spend a couple hours on Sunday actually writing things.  Monday -if needs be – I can film any video.  And get the whole week done in advance.

All I have to do is get that week under my belt and it will be golden.



3 responses to “Catching Up

  1. yeah about that….

    actually I miss you and admire your SCREW IT IM LIVING NOT BLOGGING ABOUT LIFE!!

    • Actually it’s more like, WTF do I have to blog about??? and OMG, I don’t have to think that post through.

  2. Hope you have better luck with the “all get a week done in advance” thing than I do!

    And yeah, I”m with Mizfit-Living should take priority over blogging!

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