Ten Minute Challenges

I have missed a week or two of these challenges.  Did you miss them?  To remind us all: do  the challenge of the day either for 10 minutes straight or -most of the time – for one minute at a time, ten times a day.

Monday: Counter push-offs. Stand about 2-3 feet away from the edge of a counter.  Hands on the edge, drop down into the counter and push yourself back away.  Yep, push-ups from the counter instead of the floor. Adjust your feet so you get a nice stretch along the back of the legs when you drop. Do for one minute.

Tuesday: Knee ups. Stand erect with butt slightly tucked under, if you need the support stand against a wall.  Pull one knee up to your chest, using your hands to assist in completing the move.  Alternate legs and do for one minute.

Wednesday: Leg Swings. Stand along side a chair or counter with your weight supported on the inside leg. Swing the outside out to the side and then in crossing over the body.  Keep your back neutral -don’t let it arch.  Do about 30 each leg.

Thursday: Skip. Ok, we might not want to be seen in public skipping around the neighborhood – though if you do, I completely applaud.  But when you’re inside, decide that today you will skip around the house.  Notice if you feel younger -or just start smiling when you do this.

Friday: Arm Circles. Stand with your arms out to the side.  Make giant circles, then small circles.  Circles all around for a minute.

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