Shaking up Breakfast

I’ve eaten primarily the same thing for breakfast for the past several years: oatmeal with some protein added and a piece of fruit.

Lately, though, I’ve been frustrated that I gained some body fat, and seem unable to shake it lose. So I’m taking a step and shaking things up.

I’ve read a bunch of blogposts by fitness folks suggesting ways to cut some that stubborn body fat. Most of them have suggestions that I know I can do.

All of them have made two suggestions that conflict with that oatmeal breakfast:

1. eat some kind of vegetable every time you eat. (I am still completely confabulated by this one).

2. save your grain-based meals for only after a workout.

I’m going to give this a try. One month as much as possible.

Today I’m having a egg/eggwhite kind of frittata- lots of veggies gently sauteed then stuck together with one egg and some egg-white. However, I know from experience that I cannot do this every day without my cholesterol rising. So I need to figure out other things to have for breakfast that aren’t egg based, feel like breakfast to me (instead of eating supper first thing in the morning), and contain vegetables and protein.

Any suggestions?


6 responses to “Shaking up Breakfast

  1. Wow! No grains for breaky!! I wouldn’t know what to suggest accept a nice big fruit smoothy, with ground flax seed, rice milk, honey, with some protein perhaps (peanut butter) I talked myself in to it. That’s what I’m making – it’s been so long!! Yum.

  2. I love my soy in the morning. veggie sausages and egg beaters.

  3. Try a protein shake with some fresh fruit. Fruit gives you the good carbs you need in the morning and the protein should hlp with the lean muscle growth.

    • Tyler and Miz,

      Thanks for the suggestions, but neither of you addressed the point that baffles me: how do I get a vegetable in that? The “rule” is have a veggie every time you eat.

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