Good News

So much for dedicated, planned ahead writing that leads to consistent posting.  (and so much for quality editing and grammar, too). Again, I’ve been thinking and living and wasting time playing Bejeweled on FB.  Who can blog with all that going on?

However, I do some news:  On Tuesday of last week (that would be 5/12/09) I took and passed the NASM Certified Personal Trainer test.  Yippee for me!

Now I have to find a gym willing to hire me/or let me work there while I get some experience.  At most facilities, the new member is a woman of about 40.. and since many of them want a trainer who they believe will understand their challenges, being about the same age/sex should be a good thing for me.

We’ll see.


2 responses to “Good News

  1. GOOD LUCK!! I am following in your footsteps :0) I absolutely believe that having a more normal-aged PT is so much more saleable. Can you imagine signing up for training and winding up being shouted at by a 21-year-old? I don’t think I would even last the session!!!

    TA x

    • Ah, TA…

      My beloved first trainer was a 24 year old former baseball playing athlete. He’s actually the inspiration for my doing this. My current trainer? A 26 year old former football player/ body builder. However, I know most women will relax and trust more with a woman closer to their own age – or their mothers…

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